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Monday, December 28, 2009

a new journey has begun :)

Nur `Aina Hana bt Nur Muhammad Hafiz
20th December 2009

mcm pelik plak rase nak menulis after mcm dah lama gile tak blogging ni.. ;) actually, blog ni pon husna yg buatkan.. tetibe urge rase nak menulis tuh dtg plak after bby aina was born :)) i thought this would be a nice way to let her know (later, when she's old enough to read this journal on her own) how much she meant to us. and how much we love her. *kiss* *kiss*

i dun really have much to say, since this is like being an amateur in blogging all over again. ehehe. syg left very early this morning to Jasin. he's on-call today. as a newly promoted from just a someone's husband to a father, and has to be on-call on the 8th day after his little girl was born, doesnt seem like a good idea to me. neither to him. he left with a sour face and in not a very joyable mood. and i was like, please dont go.. im going to miss you like hell. but work is work. nak buat mcm mane kan.. tp mcm sedih gile nak bg syg pegi td. huhu *sob*sob* syg kiss bby aina byk2 kali before pegi.. :(( syg drive leklok eh..

anyway, smalam bby aina tdo dgn nenek die.. bg can kat ayah die dpt tido lena malam.. kalo tak, mmg kena bgn dua-tiga (empat-lima-enam) kali nak dodoi bby aina yg kejap-kejap terjage malam.. kekdg cam pelik gak, sbb siang dia tido lena sgt2.. but bile malam, asyik terjage je.. do all babies like that? im not very sure.. maybe kot. so smalam mmg syg dpt tdo nyenyak la.. hehehe.. dptla bermanja-manja-an sebelum berpisah.. :)

em, so now tinggallah bby aina n me... nak igt-igt lik time bby aina baru lahir.. bby aina lahir exactly on her due date, 20th Dec 2009. macam tau-tau je, sbb a day before that, syg and me mcm asyik tertanya-tanya bile laa bby ni nak kluar... hehehhe.. and the same evening i had 'leaking'.. in simple words, my water broke. what a coincidence. and later that night i started to have contraction pain.. mula-mula sakit die cam tolerable lagi tapi lepas-lepas tu, and after dah started on pitocin kat labour room.. masya Allah!!, the pain was so excruciatingly severe! am i exaggerating? NO!! sakit sgt2. i always thought i was tough and my pain tolerance is considerably high.. but emmmmm, i guess i was not THAT tough.. ;) bby aina lahir dgn vaccum sbb fetal brady. and i thank GOD she was born healthy and beautiful and with no complications at all. :)) sakit-sakit bersalin ilang sekelip mata lepas tgk bby aina. syg ckp dia pon nangis masa bby aina lahir.. :) terima kasih yg sgt2 dgn Dr Theingi yg deliver kan bby aina n all the staff kat labour room HSAJB. bby aina lahir dgn berat 3.3kg (EFW by scan 3.5-3.6kg) nasib baik gak, kalo tak, xtau la cane lagi nak teran kluar tu.. ehehhe..

so skang syg and me dah jadi ayah n mama bby aina.. a new journey has begun.. and i hope happiness and good things will lead us on.. semoga kami sekeluarga diberkati and dirahmati Allah dgn kelahiran our first baby (and first grandchild on my mum's side) :)

em, mama saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayang sgt dkt aina :)

and syg, i miss u already :'(

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