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Monday, February 9, 2015



assalamualaikum, hai semua :)

ni sticky mode ye kawan-kawan sekelian alam. untuk baca entri sebenar, please scroll UP and DOWN :) just for the time being. until i don't know when. sebabnya aku memang tengah dalam proses nak clear up my wardrobe dekat rumah melaka. sebab banyakkk sangat baju bajan yang cantik-cantiks and still in a very good condition yang aku nak pakai of course lah dah tak muat sebab dah gendut. ok sebenarnya lebih kepada muat tapi ala-ala sexy mexy sikit gitu. kuikuikui. so i have to let it go. 

korang boleh follow and check it out dekat my shop instagram :

or, you can just click HERE :

kalau korang percaya dengan taste dokterfaryn, you will never doubt the authenticity and the quality, especially the ones that stated as "preloved excellent/good condition" :)

so please, please go and have a look because you can get a nice baju at as low as RM 5!
kindly spread and share the news ok. siapa tahu, kut-kut dokterfaryn nak kasi present dekat korang yang paling banyak referrals. hehehhe. 

more and more stuffs will be updated later on my shop instagram, so stay tuned okey.
thanks guys. muahsss sikit hehehhe

sticky mode entry!

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